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Refurbishment Finance

Spruce up your property to increase your earning potential with refurbishment finance. Whether it is just a quick repair or full renovation, a refurbishment loan could be a cost effective finance option for your portfolio to retain for better yield or sell on for profit.

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Rates start at 0.55% per month

Loan terms available from 1 - 36 months

All uses considered - light, heavy & conversions

You can typically borrow £50k - £15m

Get up to 75% loan-to-value on a single property

“Obtaining quick funding was critical to ensure the project was successful. The service I received was excellent, any issues were resolved quickly and a proactive approach was taken to help and drive other parties to ensure a successful outcome.”

Refurbishment finance will allow you to borrow and fund works to increase the end value of  your property.  In other words, lending is agreed on the basis of the uplift in value and therefore you can borrow to improve the property beyond  that which normal lending limits allow. 

Develop property and increase your property’s value, where traditional finance fails.

Considering refurbishing one or more of your portfolio?  Maybe you are converting a property to another use, perhaps commercial to residential or indeed converting to an HMO from a standard property.  

Whatever the aim, refurbishment finance can help you to convert underutilised space or add an extension without the immediate funds available, allowing you to quickly take advantage of an uplift in value.  

Of course, how much finance and the types of rates you will be eligible for will depend on the project’s end value and how you plan to repay the debt into a longer term facility or convert to profit.

Want to know what’s possible? Why not have a quick chat with one of the refurb specialists at The Bridging Broker, where we can discuss how we can add value to your plans and discuss the latest rates on the market. 

Reasons To Consider Refurbishment Finance

01. Light Refurbishment

If you are just looking to repair a property to maximise your potential earnings and it doesn’t need planning permission, a light refurbishment loan might be ideal choice. There are many reasons to consider this route including:

  • To install a new kitchen
  • Improve the decor
  • Increase rental value
  • Bring the energy ratings inline with updated regulations
  • Make the property safer

02. Heavy Refurbishment

The definitions vary between lenders, but generally any property lending requiring a building permit is considered a heavy refurbishment loan. There are many purposes for this type of loan, such as:

  • Structural developments
  • Full renovations
  • Extensions

Refurbishment Fees

Fees will vary from product to product, but typically, the following costs will be incurred:

  • Arrangement Fee – The initial cost to cover the administration of the loan.
  • Valuation Fees – A surveyor will be instructed to visit and value the property. Typical costs would be around 0.25% of the loans value.
  • Exit Fees – Certain loans will carry an exit fee, which are usually a percentage of the overall loan value.

Our advisers will walk you through the necessary details we need to fully understand your project. Once we know what you have and what you intend to do, we can provide you with quotes on the most suitable loans.

How to get the refurb finance you need & want

We’re on a mission to make property finance hassle-free, so let’s get right to it. To get the finance you need we could help in 4 straight-forward steps.senior managers and decision-makers in several lenders, including high street and specialist.

We ask the right questions to get you not only competitive interest rate options but also deals that suit your overall portfolio, to help avoid nasty surprises further down the road. But enough about just some of the benefits we can offer, here is our easy four-step process to apply for development finance.



To ensure you get the right advice for your property we need to have a conversation, a quick chat, a natter. So, you'll receive a call from one of our bridging experts.



Your bridging adviser will establish some basics on your circumstances and what you're looking to achieve. They'll also run through your preferences to make sure our quotes measure up to exactly what you need.


Quick Decisions

We know that time is key when it comes to refurb, so we will work fast and get your free personalised quote in your inbox, typically within 24 hours, unless there is additional complexities.



You can come back to us with any questions at any time. Once you're happy to proceed, we're manage your application through to that all-important completion.

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Discover Refurb Finance Insights

Here are just some of the reasons to consider refurbishment finance through The Bridging Broker:

Lender Access​

You will get access to a wide range of lenders currently on the market. Avoid all of the calling and fuss, let us do that for you. We aim to make the process as hassle-free as possible.

Latest Rates

We work for you, not the lenders. This means we will compare and match your needs to latest deals available. We can even get you access to exclusive rates, not available direct.

Market Knowledge

We're industry experts with knowledge and experience in complex financial requirements. So no matter how complex your requirements, we're here to help.

Dedicated Support

Our team are on hand to help you get the finance you need as fast as possible, with funding typically available in as little as a couple of weeks (depending on your circumstances).

Discover more about our team of passionate property professionals and how we can help your project.

Get the latest industry insights to save more on your next investment. Get in touch today to compare rates and check your eligibility. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Gross Development Value or GDV is the estimated value of the property once all of the refurbishment has been completed. 

GDV is a very important figure to know for any project as many lenders use it to calculate how much you can borrow and the rates that they will offer you. 

The GDV is calculated during the valuation using current property prices and recent comparable property transactions. 

Refurbishment finance is typically a fast form of property loan. 

How long it will take will depend on a multitude of factors, such as how much you are looking to borrow, what you needs the funds for and the specific documentation required by the lender but we can typically complete the application in 10 days – 3 weeks. 

If you are a UK resident you can apply for property refurbishment finance as an individual, in a partnership, via a LLP or through a limited company (SPV). 

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